Amy Everhart Biography

Amy Everhart

Amy Everhart is a Starting up contemporary artist who has lived and studied in both New York and California. She currently resides in and draws inspiration from the mountains of Utah. She is active in the contemporary Utah impressionism scene. Her heroes include masters both past and present in the genres of realism and impressionism. Degas, Monet, Cassatt, Alan Wolton, Steve Hanks, Fabian Perez, Robert Coombs and Jose Royo have all influenced her development as an artist. She received her first formal training as a youth in the private atelier of Marjorie Miller, to whom she will always be grateful for her encouragement, instruction, and lifelong friendship. When asked for a personal statement, Everhart wrote,

I think I was born to paint. At birth, I was given a tiny music box, the cover of which depicted a little girl holding a paint brush. I was thereby destined to art. One of my earliest recollections is of my mother painting. She was always creating something, whether it was a painting, a dynamic flower arrangement, or a ceramic doll. And so, I grew up in this incredibly creative environment, surrounded by love and art. When I paint, I feel like I am sharing the emotion of the moment. I strive to reach beyond what my eye sees and paint the emotion that I feel, filling my work with expression. I become part of each of my works, the unseen participant in the moment, and as that moment emerges beneath my brush, time and matter cease to exist, and I am pulled into a universe of light, shadow, color and energy, a universe of emotion where I am most at home.